Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Review: Liber Brevior - Restoring Chant to the Parish Liturgy, Step 1.

Preserving Christian Publication has recently sent a considerable sampling of liturgical books our way for review. Included in this batch is a much needed reprint for today's liturgical climate, the Liber Brevior.

The Liber Brevior may best be thought of as a streamlined version of the much larger Liber Usualis. Where the Liber Usualis has all the texts and settings needed to have a chanted liturgy of the divine office and Mass of the day, the Liber Brevior has been formatted for parish use, supplying the dedicated choir and, in some circles, congregation as well with the proper settings and texts required for celebrating a chanted Mass.

The book is well bound. PCP books went for sewn binding as opposed to the glued binding becoming ever more common place, complemented by a sharp black faux-leather hard cover. A very durable volume. Most importantly, feels comfy in the hand - crucial if you'll be needing it for a chanted liturgy.

For more information, you take a gander at the volume via the following link:

Or, if you'd like a real value:

Having had the chance to see this volume, I would love to see their reprint of the Missale Romanum. From the pictures I've seen, it is one beautiful book. Go ahead and check out the link for that beautiful volume as well: