Thursday, March 15, 2012

Future releases from Liturgical Press - Rausch, Congar among them.

This May, Liturgical Press offers some titles of potential interest.

Eschatology, Liturgy, and Christology
Toward Recovering an Eschatological Imagination
Thomas Rausch, SJ

My Journal of the Council
Yves Congar, OP

The Eucharistic Liturgies
Their Evolution and Interpretation
Paul F. Bradshaw and Maxwell E. Johnson

Angels and Demons
A Christian Primer of the Spiritual World
Michael F. Patella, OSB

My initial impressions - subject to revision/correction:

The most interesting, from the perspective of liturgical theology, is Rausch's volume. What Rausch does with the topic however remains to be seen. In my past readings of Rausch, I've found him to be an adequate writer, although there is a difference between writing about theology (in any of its varieties) and doing theology through the written word. If this turns out to be primarily a historical work, if Rausch doesn't go for broke and attempt to situate his topic in our present climate, then....We shall see.

Congar's journal should be fascinating, given that the generation of Vatican II is coming to a close. Could be a real eye opener. Depending upon your perspective a sobering experience.

Angels and Demons is a bit of a surprise and I'm interested to know where the author goes with the topic.  This has the potential to be softened pastoral theology, then again it has the potential to be good, though brief (for my tastes), look at the topic.

So far as the Bradshaw/Johnson book's got all of the scholarly credibility a publisher could dream of, though after working so many hours with scholarly writings/secondary sources, it's hard to muster much enthusiasm for it.

And, of course, Liturgical Press publishes the Roman Missal utilized by the Trappist monks of St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts 

Would still like to review a copy of that snazzy chapel edition - just in case anyone from LTP is reading this!