Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Evagrius Ponticus - Ad Monachos.

Keeping with the monastic theme (and all things Evagrian) it seemed timely to add a review of Evagrius Ponticus Ad Monachos published by Paulist Press, part of the Ancient Christian Writers series. One can't help but admire the Ancient Christian Writers series; the series has pressed along despite lacking the reputation and catalogue of CUA's Fathers of the Church series. The series received a shot in the arm with the publication of John Cassian's Conferences and Institutes. Ad Monachos, from a scholar's perspective, represents the apex of the series and the model upon which future releases ought to be based.

Ad Monachos features a thorough introduction and a substantial commentary on the text and major themes in Evagrius' writings. Most importantly, the text of Ad Monachos itself is Greek-English. While you can find the English translation in the previously reviewed copy of the ascetic corpus, Ad Monachos gives you the most through presentation of the text available, and at an all important reasonable price. The commentary section is priceless - Driscoll explores Evagrius doctrine and, to my mind, doesn't leave many gaps in his discussion. Not much of liturgical interest here, however, a great primary text with commentary for those interested in monastic spirituality.

If Paulist Press could keep this type of format, they may get a much needed leg up on the Fathers of the Church and Ancient Christian Writings editions.

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