Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just keep kicking that dead horse...

Here's a quote:

"So it is in our time. Benedict XVI and his papacy were epic for liturgy and music and for those who care so intensely."

No, not really. Although the Western standard of liturgy has fallen to such a low watermark it is easy to think so. Benedict tried to re-institute the sterile celebration of liturgy that has typified the Latin tradition. If you want  "epic" liturgy, there's got a fine Trappist abbey I can point you towards and a host of Orthodox cathedrals offering the Divine Liturgy. Benedict's papacy was evidence that Latin liturgical theory and praxis may well be exhausted, languishing under the weight centuries of reticence compared to the Orthodox liturgical tradition.

The prime problem, it seems to me, is that episcopal celebration is the model upon which the Latin liturgy, in all its varieties, has rested. The solution, it seems to me, is to re-orient the liturgy to the monastic tradition. Plainly, monastic celebration must become the exemplar, if not the norm, in the Latin West.