Monday, August 4, 2014

Ecclesiastical New Coke

An excellent snippet of Cardinal Heenan's observations of the Second Vatican Council as it was in session.

I think, perhaps, the most insightful intervention (so far as I've read) at Vatican II came from Cardinal Brown, the head of the Dominicans at the time.

The refusal to hear the criticisms of men like Heenan and Brown back then is mirrored by the refusal to tolerate anything less than an appreciative disposition towards the Council now. This is also why a fair number among the episcopacy wanted Ratzinger out; anything that raises even the smallest question against that Council's wisdom threatens to dismantle the entire rotten edifice that was built up around it.

Perhaps "rotten" is too strong of a word..."incompetent" might be best.

Vatican II has become the litmus test for one's Catholicism in the Roman Church. A strange position given that practical self destruction of the religion in its wake.

It reminds me of a lesson one learns early on in the real world; corporations that fail are the ones that cannot break out of their corporate culture to see their business failing.

Best case scenario for Rome: Vatican is consciously referred to as ecclesiastical new Coke.

Likelihood of this happening: next to none.

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