Monday, August 18, 2014

How long until I can have this on a bumper sticker?

Domi suae in urbe R'lyeh Chtulhu et somniat et exspectat.

The coat of arms for the high priest of old ones.

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  1. Lovely latin for The Great Formula. I particularly liked the 'et somniat et expectat', and the addition of the "Ch" to the Great Name. It makes it sound even more sinister, if that can be imagined.

    And while perusing the website of John Coulthart, I found a fascinating essay on the Theosophical origins of the Cthulhu Mythos, which can be found here:

    Mr. Coulthart, by the bye, was kind enough to donate the cover art to my first novel, Bad Trip, which can best be described as a "Cthulhu comedy" (in the sense that it ends well). While you may want to give the novel a miss, as it really needs to be edited down by about 30,000 words or so, the art itself is good, though marred by my title art.