Thursday, August 28, 2014

In a blinding bout of nerd rage

At one point in time, the Fantastic Four was one of the most respected comics in the history of the medium. Until that day, that fateful day, when, seemingly in 80s, the stories became lackluster and the title quickly degenerated into one of Marvel's fourth tier features. History and Stan Lee kept the title alive, but everyone knew the title was, overall, getting well past its peak.

So it was that during Hollywood's tepid dance with comic book movies in the 90's, there was a filmed but never released version of the Fantastic Four. By all accounts, it was a quick dodge job done to retain movie rights, with no intention of distribution. Most impressions are that the movie was abysmal and it was probably a very good thing it never saw theatrical release.

Fast forward to the 2000s. The popularity of the X-Men films and Spiderman inspire another run at the Fantastic Four. Two movies were produced, and, generally, they were crushing failures. The first of the two leaned a little to heavily on camp value. Although, Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer was most egregious. Featuring key aspects of the comic book's mythology and basing itself off of two well crafted story arcs from the Silver Age, it was an astounding failure to achieve cinematic promise that had been so thoroughly laid out forty or so years before.

Now we have this - leaked images of Dr. Doom from the pending Fantastic Four reboot. Not a good sign going forward. Hopefully the shots are being leaked to gauge some sort of public reaction.

We'll have to see the movie to know how this actually pans out. I'd image there will be a thick overlay of cgi on this, but who knows. Until then, the comic geek in me is planning a protest.

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