Saturday, September 6, 2014

Anthony Ruff celebrates Mass in Latin

Good for him. Although, it is somewhat bizarre that Latin should border on being taboo in the Pauline liturgy, provisions in canon law being what they are.

The vernacular may be here to stay, but nothing but good can come from having celebrations according to the Pauline Missal in Latin.

The account brings me back to my undergrad days. it seems a life time away, but I remember those pushes we would make with priests we knew had the command of Latin to celebrate in the language of the Roman Church. More often then not, it required a good deal of pleading and arm twisting. It was an exciting time, spanning the promulgation and eventual publication of the third typical edition of the Pauline Missal. Those were years under JP II's pontificate in which anything seemed possible, and there was an expectation, call it naivety, that John Paul II's stamp on the Missale Romanum would herald greater things to come.

After several subsequent graduate degrees and the decision to segue out of academia, I still look back at that time fondly. There was an excitement then; even in the midst of the at times horrid college liturgy that typifies Jesuit campuses, there was something about being in an environment that was overflowing with theology, symbolic imagery, and sometimes obscure Latin editions, something so full of life and wonder. I hope those students and Fr. Ruff had their own share of that same excitement.

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