Thursday, May 7, 2015

For those with a little Italian under their belt...

An excellent overview of the 2008 Italian translation of the Bible produced by the CEI. Sadly, his blog has been silent for some time now.

Although they've received scant attention among English readers (which, all things considered, makes sense), the Italian translations of the last forty or fifty years have been fairly consistent in terms of translation quality. The binding itself is a little on the shoddy side for many of them, but the Italians have typically pursued a very balanced and finely executed theory of translation.

Incidently, minor translation fumbles aside, the Italian bishops were also responsible for the most competently produced versions of the Pauline liturgical books. Not to say this necessarily led to a well executed vernacular liturgy. Anyone who has been around Italy enough can tell you the average Sunday liturgy is about on par with what one finds in the average US parish. However, the translation and selective retension of Latin made strides in passing on a few gems of Latin/Western Christianity.

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