Monday, May 25, 2015

Make of it what you will

The Church of England is mulling over a "naming ceremony" for transgender persons upon assumption of their new identity.

It will be a matter of time before the Roman Church begins to feel the pressure to do the same.

The Church of England has been on the forefront of adaptation to increasing secularization. One can look at the numbers and ask whether or not it has done much good to be so inclined. No doubt, Christianity will continue to feel the weight of the West's larger cultural trends - it will increasingly come in contact with men and women from a variety of backgrounds and situations and it will often times need to make difficult pastoral calls on the spot. This said, every indicator implies that the increasing secularization of a religion does not make it more relevant to secular society, but rather aides its decline. The ultimate appeal of any religion in the post-modern West is not how much it affirms the surrounding culture, but how much it offers an alternative to the dominant culture. The degree to which Western hierarchs hone in on this and respond appropriately is the degree to which their respective churches or ecclesial communities survive the attrition of religion.

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