Monday, June 22, 2015

Schuyler Quentel NASB Red Leather - Hands On

Recently I had the chance to handle/read through Schuyler's Quentel NASB, the first entry in the publisher's acclaimed Quentel series. This was my first time holding a Schuyler and paging through it. After having done so, there is little doubt that Schuyler's reputation in Bible published is well deserved and accurate. Schuyler has raised the bar in Bible publishing and created a Bible of astounding aesthetic quality and precise functionality. Simply put, Bible publishing has waited for something like this.

Coverage of Schuyler's Bibles is fairly well represented across the Internet. In fact, you can find two very fine reviews of this particular edition here and here. For a more thorough photo set of the Quentel NASB, see Schuyler's facebook page. Yet, for as great as they are, none of these photos do the actual volume justice. One can read all of the publishing specs behind the Quentel NASB, but again, the specs hardly do this volume justice. Not until one has held this edition in one's hand does one fully come to appreciate just what Schuyler has done. I hesitate to call the physical book a work of sacred art, but that is the phrase that keeps coming do mind when reflecting upon it. This Bible is like holy art. Perhaps more accurately, the Quentel NASB is the art of the book applied to Sacred Scripture and executed without flaw.

Anyone coming from a liturgical tradition will immediately appreciate the red leather and the aesthetic of the book. This is a Bible that simply demands one use it for prayer and worship/liturgy. In fact, my immediate reaction when holding it was that it would be more than appropriate to use this volume for the psalms of the office. This is a Bible you want to use for worship - it actually demands it! This is not something you would simply keep on your shelf - you will want to use it.

Thankfully, Schuyler hasn't skimped on the production quality. The gentleman who lent it to me has used this volume daily for approximately a year - his copy demonstrates that these volumes are designed for daily use and one needed worry about wear. More importantly, however, Schuyler has adopted a format that invites daily, if not long reading. Four ribbon markers to hold place - a welcome feature if one moves between Old Testament narratives, the Prophets, the Psalms, and New Testament. The Milo font is perfectly readable, crisp and easy on the eyes.


An accurate description of how well made the Quentel NASB is and what it is like to use it proves allusive. Simply put, one doesn't often encounter books this well made. Schuyler's Quentel NASB excels in the physical construction of the book and, perhaps more importantly, evokes that ambiance of religious books from decades ago, books that were designed not simply for reading, but indeed for use in prayer and worship. In sum, Schuyler has created a book with the Creator in mind. 

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The Schuyler line covers the NASB, NKJV, KJV, and ESV. There is a single column NLT due out by year's end.

As mentioned above, the specs and photos of this book are available readily. Yet, they hardly convey the quality of this Bible. In age where so many once reputable publishers have taken numerous shortcuts in book production, Schuyler has insisted upon steadfast quality without falling into the trap of making the volume so aesthetically pleasing so as to diminish its functionality. You will be hard pressed to find much better than this. 

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