Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pre-publication notices

Some additional noteworthy news on the publication front.

Schuyler has begun production on the second edition of its extremely popular Quentel ESV. This was the second entry in the Quentel series and is arguably the most popular in the series. The books are at the printers now.

Schuyler has increased the color options, adding dark purple and British Tan to the mix.

The ESV has become something of an iconic translation since its initial release. Schuyler's editions do justice to what many consider to the best all around contemporary translation.


As a reminder, Schuyler's Caxton NLT is due in September. The pre-order sales figures seem to ensure this will have an ample audience out of the gate.


Crossway, originators of the ESV, has a new project about to see release. This volume will consist of the four gospels with no additional editorial or reference additions in the body of the text. I am interested to see how this is pulled off. You can find a sample here

Single column formatting is always a wise decision. Anyone familar with the text critical editions of the BHS and LXX is already well adjusted to a lack of editorial headings. The lack of cross references and chapter-verse numbering may or may not make much of an impact. Crossway is opting for a format closer to the manner in which the literate members of the ancient audience would have encountered the text. It will be interesting to see how readers interact with the text formatted in this fashion. 

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