Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Schuyler Quentel NASB - 2.0

The month of July has been pretty quiet thus far. Simply put, Summer is for the outdoors. As such, only brief updates and only updates that complement a long day in the hot summer sun.

Case in point: Schuyler's Quentel NASB 2.0

Schuyler's Quentel NASB - possibly the best Bible I've ever handled - is getting an upgrade. The second edition drops in October 2015. You can find details on the specs of both the current edition and its successor here.

My initial thoughts: Schuyler is undoubtedly responding to some of the minor criticism that was raised with regards to the Quentel NASB. There were a few voices that felt the bible was too big and somewhat difficult to travel with.

After having handled the Quentel NASB, I am left unconvinced that such criticisms merit any change to the Quentel NASB's design. The change to the volume's design is accompanied by some corresponding changes in construction. The most apparent of which will be the change from 45 GSM paper to 36 GSM paper. The opacity of 45 GSM is the best you will get in contemporary publishing. 36 GSM is, I believe, standard for Cambridge Bibles.

Practically speaking, there normally isn't that noticeable of a difference between 45 GSM and 36 GSM, so far as the reading experience is concerned. The Bible should be lighter and slightly more portable. This said, does one really want to trade opacity for portability? Time will tell. I suspect Schuyler will put together a volume that satisfactorily addresses some of rather minor criticisms one may have with the first edition of the Quentel NASB. I'm not entirely sure it was necessary, but time will tell.

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