Monday, August 3, 2015

Schuyler Caxton NLT - Photos - and the first glimpses of the second edition of the Quentel ESV.

Schuyler continues to pull back the curtain on the soon-to-be latest edition to its line up, the Caxton NLT.

Today, Schuyler released several new images of the Caxton NLT. Take a gander:

This is only a portion of the photos Schuyler released. 

Web traffic related to this volume is increasing as we get closer to the September release. As such, I am inclined to "believe the hype" when it comes to this volume. There is a lot of interest out there, and for good reason. This is the way a Bible (or breviary for that matter) should be bound. 

Schuyler has a strong portfolio of offerings for your consideration. You can find more at their website. 

The Quentel ESV needs no introduction among Bible buyers. Schuyler has released a preview image of the dark purple and tan goatskins.

The dark purple was, all told, an unexpected choice, but the pictures seem to indicate Schuyler is pulling it off. 

Anyone knowledgeable of the 20th century heyday of liturgical publishing should be reminded of those years when editions of the breviary and missal could be found in multiple leather editions. It is hard not to nod in approval at Schuyler's efforts. 

Very few publishers know what the A-game really is. Schuyler not only knows the A-game, it may well be writing the rules going forward. Believe the hype.

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