Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So you want a married Jesus???

I was struggling to find a title for this post.

The Evangelical Textual Criticism blog has a nice round up of where things stand related to the once infamous  and now largely forgotten Coptic fragment that purports to demonstrate evidence that belief in a married Jesus circulated among some early Christian groups.

Admittedly, part of me wants to point out that they kinda-sorta swiped the title of the post from one I published in January 2013...then I read my blog address and realize the irony of the whole situation.

It still seems, all things considered, Karen King let herself be deluded by the prospect of a major discovery and landing the associated print and television features. She has and will continue to fight for the authenticity of the fragment - her reputation depends on it. As it is, she has devoted too much time to this fragment and any hope of salvaging her reputation rides on successfully moving beyond it.


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