Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The 1945 Saint Andrew Missal - An Old Favorite

The 1945 Saint Andrew Missal, published by St. Bonaventure Publications.

I haven't seen one of these in years. I purchased one back in the Seattle days - when I was still a novice with the old Latin liturgy. At that time, I hadn't the slightest clue about the Holy Week changes and the precursor reforms that would eventually climax in the Novos Ordo Missae of Paul VI.

This book is one of the most accessible means by which to gain some familiarity with the Missale Romanum before the idea of liturgical reform was seriously acted upon, an open window into the pre-modern Latin liturgy.

I have very fond memories of this title. Sadly, I'm not entirely sure what became of it - in storage, lost or misplaced are all viable theories. For a time, however, it was a go-to favorite.


  1. The St. Andrew's missal was probably the finest pew edition published. It was elegant and tasteful, not unlike the Anglican Missal. It was the missal for the erudite churchman. A thought concerning the pre-Pacellian Holy Week, it was in full swing by the time I was old enough to serve mass, after my ordination I celebrated the pre-1956 liturgy....................what a difference!

    1. I hope people with a copy of this reprint of the 1945 edition know what they have in their hands. Resources for the pre-modern Latin liturgy are scarce.

      May I ask how you were able to celebrated the pre-1956 liturgy? What was the occasion/context?

    2. Before my conversion to Orthodoxy I was a Traditionalist Catholic. I founded, with the help of several laymen and laywomen, a Tridentine Rite parish which is now affiliated with the SSPX. I still have my altar edtion of the pre-1956 Missale Romanum and several 1956 editions. If you know of a parish in need of one let me know.

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