Monday, September 14, 2015


The Ordo Cantus Officii is here.


Pray Tell had a quick write up about the release, as well as the complex back story behind its publication. 

The office ought to be chanted and any resources that potentially facilitate such a development are always welcome, regardless of the breviary one prefers.

Like most of the Latin editions out there (of either the modern Roman rite or Monastic sources), this will likely be a rare sight "in the wild," property to a small group of liturgically concerned parties.

Truth be told, chanting of the office rides heavily on the successful publication of a new Antiphonale Romanum, a project that has been backlogged for a while now. Volume II of the Antiphonale saw publication in 2010. The reviews have been consistently positive - indeed, it looks like a wonderful edition

This particular volume covers chants for Vespers on Sundays and Feasts. 

Antiphonale Romanum Vol II

You can order your copy here

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