Monday, September 28, 2015

The Holy Art of the Sacred Book (future Schuyler KJV)

Schuyler has recently posted some preview images of a possible new edition of the KJV via Facebook. They're looking for feedback

I like Schuyler. There are very few publishers of this caliber out there, and the KJV (monument of the English language that it is) merits such a publication effort.

Some initial thoughts.

The red highlights are well done, and appear (to my monitor) to be of a more subtle variety. The art typeface at the beginning of the chapter or psalm is especially nice. I would suggest adding the same red shade to the art lettering. This would give it an iconic look. It's a feature I found in the latest editions of the Italian Bible produced by the CEI. 

The paragraph markers, though conventional for the KJV, distract from an otherwise attractive page layout - I personally would like to see them expunged, or at least a variant edition without them.

The psalms have been confirmed to be single column. Deo gratias! The single column format is absolutely preferred for the Psalms and profoundly complementary for prayer or worship.

We'll see how this shapes up - hopefully, this is just a proposal. The KJV has a wide base, including the Orthodox Church for liturgical use. There should be a fairly large audience for this when it drops.

Speaking of which, the 2nd edition of the Quentel ESV is in stock. You can order it here. The Quentel ESV took the market by storm earlier this year - you'll be hard pressed to find a negative word about it.

Finally, the Caxton NLT is nearly here - the shipment is close to arriving at Schuyler's facility. 

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