Friday, February 5, 2016

Patriarch Kyril and Pope Francis - Is the Meeting Imminent?

I seem to recall a certain Traddie blog saying this wasn't in the near future.

CNN reports that Lomardi announced the meeting today.

Whatever one thinks of his governance of the Roman Church, Francis, I believe, is earnest in wanting to restore communion between the Latin Church and the Orthodox Church. Much as the Patriarch of Istanbul is an important ceremonial figurehead, Russia has the demographic weight and political clout. Nothing happens without Moscow.

Will something happen? Sociologically, there is more connecting Orthodoxy and Catholicism than dividing it, although Francis does occasionally blur the lines on certain issues Kyril would not permit any ambiguity.

Ultimately, everything rides on ecclesiology. What is the proper place of the Patriarch of Rome among the other patriarchs? Tangential to this question is the matter of certain "Latin" propositions that Rome has traditionally positioned as binding upon all Christians (Augustine's concept of original sin, the Immaculate Conception, and papal infallibility), for which Orthodoxy finds no grounds. This says nothing of the liturgical question - Orthodoxy has some underlying suspicions of the liturgical reforms instituted in the 20th century, although in practice most of the bishops accept that it is a matter internal to Rome.

Stay tuned....

UPDATE : It looks like both Rome and Moscow have confirmed this meeting WILL take place in Havana February 12th, this imminent Traddies?

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