Sunday, May 22, 2016

ESV Reader's Bible - Topgrain Cowhide

A while back I reviewed (ever so briefly) Crossway's Reader's Gospels. This was a fantastic supplement to its Reader's Bible, and it was printed by LEGO SpA - an Italian firm that has been expanding its footprint in English materials.

The Reader's Gospels was executed just about to perfection and at an attractive price for the cowhide binding. Crossway appears to be going full on with a Topgrain Cowhide edition of the Reader's Bible, set to drop September 30th, 2016.

I've linked to for the pre-order - they've got it at a nice price especially if the list price on Crossway's website holds true.

Now, here's the deal breaker - is this printed by LEGO SpA in Italy, or is Crossway going to make use of the Chinese printer they've historically utilized for their leather editions? Time will tell -  I hope LEGO is responsible for bringing this one to press, but to Crossway's credit, they've got some good quality control at their Chinese printers.

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  1. Have you seen it now that it has been released?