Monday, May 23, 2016

Updated Specs: ESV Reader's Bible in Topgrain Cowhide

I like the ESV Reader's Bible. I REALLY like the ESV Reader's Bible. So, the impending topgrain treatment of one of the most engaging bibles out there is enough to get me updating with any information as it comes available.

So now, here are some specs for the release:

Production will not be from LEGO SpA. We'll have to wait for LEGO to have another crack at it another day.

The pages will be gold gilt, but no art gilding - premium aficionados might be disappointed, but this really doesn't lessen the production quality in my eyes.

The paper will be 30gsm thin opaque paper (as found in the cloth bound and imitation leather version). Again, some readers might be put off by this, however, 30gsm is pretty much standard practise in the industry.

Ultimately, I am excited for this one. In the next few days I'll put up a review of the Reader's Bible (both imitation leather and cloth bound). I'm not going to say it is the absolute perfect formatting - but it is nearly there.

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