Saturday, July 9, 2016

Future of Crossway's Legacy Edition

Crossway's Legacy edition was a major development in contemporary bible binding. 36 gsm from a major publisher with a wide market share was not something many readers thought would be seen in 2012 - and is still largely reserved to somewhat smaller publishers strictly involved in the premium bible niche. It was later re-released as an Heirloom edition, printed and bound by Jongbloed on 28 gsm paper. It made the Legacy more portable, but there was no substituting the original 36 gsm supplied by LEGO.

Going forward, there are a few changes to the Legacy line.

First, Crossway has confirmed a second printing of the Heirloom Legacy should be available by the end of the year. Thus far, the expectations are that the specs from the first version will be duplicated.

Second, if you haven't purchased the LEGO produced immitation leather version of the Legacy (the original), you may want to do so now. The original Legacy edition is heavily discounted on Crossway has confirmed that when this stock is gone, it is gone - Crossway is taking the 36 gsm edition out of print.

In the recent past, Crossway has let editions go out of print. Typically, you wait about 3 or 4 years and these same editions become sought after. It is not certain how the continued publication of the Heirloom Legacy will effect interest in the original - the paper on the original is REALLY nice (thanks to LEGO).

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