Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ESV Reader's Bible 6 volume set cowhide over board - we're getting closer....

EvangelicalBible.com (the distribution wing of Schuyler) has put up a page dedicated to Crossway's upcoming 6 volume set of the Reader's Bible.

EvangelicalBible.com has an extremely competitive pre-order price on the cowhide over board edition. Make your decision soon on this one - you won't likely see that price again.

Of course, there are also new images provided on the same web page. Take a gander:

Good Lord, I wish liturgical books were still made like this! Aesthetically speaking, it is hard to think of any volume that gets any better than this.

Although without having seen a physical copy one has to exercise some restraint, the building opinion is that Crossway did their due diligence putting together the production specs of this set. It is too early to say if it will be a game changer in bible publishing, however, it appears Crossway has something special here.

We're getting closer...but it is still a long wait until October 31st....

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