Monday, September 26, 2016

Update on Crossway's Reader's Bible

Crossway has a little more news trickling out ahead of the twin release of the 6 Volume Reader's Bible (Cowhide over board) and the one volume Cowhide edition (flying in below the radar).

Crossway has confirmed for me that both editions will utilize the 2016 ESV Permanent text. For background on the 2016 Permanent Text, you can consult Crossway's release here. Put briefly, after updates to the text of the ESV in 2007 and 2011, Crossway has made the determination to finalize the ESV with the next wave of updates and leave the text unchanged going forward.

The textual changes featured in the 2016 text number around 29 instances. The revisions have stirred no small amount of debate. You can find some some sense of the discussion with the following list:

The above list is by no means comprehensive and the conversation will likely continue.

The most controversial change seems to be that in the translation of Genesis 3:16. I have my opinion on the new translation of that particular verse - in all honesty, I think the LXX got it right. This, I have not read up enough on the full list of changes and ultimately we are talking about a whole work and not one particular piece.

For those interested in picking up Crossway's most anticipated edition, and arguably the preeminent release in the premium bible world this year, prepare to behold the final revision of the ESV.

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