Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Schuyler Canterbury - Pre-order now - and check out that dark red calfskin!

A long journey is just about complete - Schuyler is taking pre-orders for the much anticipated Canterbury KJV. You can order via evangelicalbible.com.

The firebrick red is just about what you should expect from Schuyler. Schuyler has consistently provided this fine shade of red for the discerning connoisseur of the sacred book. 

New with the Canterbury KJV is the production of calfskin volumes. Take a gander at the sample from the calfskin:

The folks at Schuyler have confirmed that the calfskin editions will be as soft as the goatskin and feature a rich pebble grain. The significance here? Folks, rarely does one find calfskin that rivals goatskin in terms of texture, color capture, etc. It just isn't done - likely because most publishers do not invest that much time and attention into their calfskin editions. Schuyler is (rightly) bucking a trend here and showing what calfskin can do when it is done well.

The goatskin edition will, of course, be edge lined. The calfskin volumes will not be edge lined in order to keep the price point Schuyler had in mind, It is a trade one has to make and if the volume is otherwise well bound, then the absence of edge lining should not negatively impact the life of the book.

You can pre-order the red calfskin here.

Schuyler has gone all out with this one: red ornamental drop caps (which, proudly, I pushed for on their facebook page when the project was originally announced), single column psalms (the most effective format for the psalter), and....that dark red calfskin!

The text will be self pronouncing, which is normally not something I'm too fond of, however, Schuyler has eliminated the self pronunciation from over 30 of the popular proper nouns in the New Testament.

There is just so much Schuyler seems to have done right with this edition, one suspects this will be their most popular release.

The Canterbury KJV is due out late December. As they say, the waiting is the hardest part...

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