Monday, December 12, 2016

Quentel NASB Personal Size (2017)

Schuyler continues to provide a much needed adrenaline shot to the Bible publishing market and continues to diversify its product line.

The pending Canterbury KJV sees Schuyler producing Calfskin volumes at a reduced price point. 2017 looks to bring continued diversification withe introduction of a personalized Quentel NASB.

The NASB launched the Quentel line in 2014, a line of full sized Bibles designed for optimal reading experience and crafted for durability as well as aesthetic experience. The Schuyler's production of the NASB now seems to come full circle with the pending compact edition. The proposed dimensions run 4.8" x 7.1" x 1.2" (180mm x 120mm x 30mm), with the font coming in at 8.5 (the specs are, of course, in the proof of concept phase and subject to change).  The new version will be available in Natural Goatskin and Calfskin. As with the Canterbuty KJV, the Calfskin will run a lower price point than the Goatskin.

Schuyler is targeting an ambitious April 2017 release. I say ambitious because the project was publicly announced a short time ago - time will tell if April 2017 (or thereabouts) is realistic.

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