Sunday, May 21, 2017

RL Allan ESV Personal Size Study Bible

It has been a long wait, but it looks like RL ALLAN is getting closer to a new batch of its much loved (and incredibly difficult to find) ESV Personal Size Study Bible.

You can find a pretty detailed video review here:

For those who managed to get hold of this edition, ALLAN's ESV Personal Size Study Bible is a perennial classic in Bible publishing.

What's the reason for the hold up in a new batch? I suspect the migration from the 2011 to 2016 text may have exerted some influence.

At present, it looks like the text blocks are ready and about to be received by RL ALLAN. After that, it is the painstaking process of ALLAN's method of binding that determines the likely release. ALLAN Bibles are meticulously hand bound (as opposed to hand finished) - batches take a long time to come together.

ALLAN is still targeting (or hoping for) a 2017 release of the new edition. I suspect we're looking at an October/November arrival at the earliest.

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