Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Schuyler NRSV - Dead Before It Hit the Water?

Approximately two months ago Schuyler began soliciting feedback related the interest in an NRSV. For fans of both Schuyler's publications and the NRSV, this was a moment for which many had dreamt a passing "What If?" but no one seriously thought likely.

Then Schuyler asked.

Then visions of exquisitely bound Goatskin editions of the NRSV with Apocrypha filled the mind's eye. What color schemes would be rolled out? Would an existing text block be leveraged, or would Schuyler craft their own? Would it be Goatskin only, or would Schuyler roll it out in Calfskin as well? And what would it be like, that glorious day, when one held in one's hand an edition of the NRSV that was something other than a hard back (often with glued binding) or bonded leather?

Aficionados of the NRSV gave Schuyler some immediate feedback.

Schuyler followed up with more market research, soliciting feedback from their broader customer base.

The results aren't good. Interest has been notably low. There are two seemingly impenetrable barriers prohibiting any publishing effort of an NRSV. 1) Schuyler's normal customer base is not especially interested. 2) The general audience of the NRSV seems apathetic to anything outside of the normal editions to which they are accustomed (hardcover, bonded leather, glued binding, every bad trait in contemporary publishing really).

At the moment, Schuyler is keeping an eye on how Cambridge's next go around with the NRSV is received. Last time out, Cambridge opted for printing in Belarus (never a wise decision) and some rather poorly done French Morocco Leather. Will the next one be an improvement? We shall see...

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