Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Schuyler Quentel Personal Size NASB

The first batch of photos for Schuyler's new Personal Size Quentel NASB are available.

You can find them here.

You can pre-order your copy of the Personal Size Quentel NASB at EvangelicalBible.com. Now would be about the time to get your pre-order in - prices will go up come June 1st.

Initial reaction:

To a certain degree, the Calfskin editions are more striking - perhaps because of the lower price point, perhaps because it seems Schuyler's collaboration with Jongbloed has led to an exceptional Calfskin that, on appearance, rivals Goatskin.

The only noticeable concern is the lack of a deep red Calfskin. This option was available with the first batch of the KJV Canterbury and sold out relatively quickly. It wasn't brought back for the next run on Schuyler's best seller and it appears it hasn't been rolled up into the Personal Size Quentel.

Now, the lingering question: can you really scale down the Quentel format and maintain the same reading experience? I confess to being a skeptic here. The Quentel reading experience is the result of a number of factors, three of which are text size, layout, and font style. Does the experience suffer when you tweak with one of those? This remains to be seen.

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